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Previous Patient Testimonials



Mr. Christopher Fenn


Compliment letter written to the Spire Hospital Director:

" I would like to inform you that I saw Mr Fenn regarding some surgery in March 2016 to have some excess breast tissue removed from under my left arm. Prior to admission on the above date i did see Mr Fenn a couple of times with my husband, he thoroughly explained details about the surgery which helped me in making the decision to agree to having the operation. Mr Fenn did not rush through the consultation, his attitude was positive and very reassuring and presented a gentleman.

 Mr Fenn saw me every week for one month after surgery; unfortunately I had got a small infection a couple of weeks after surgery. Mr Fenn was excellent, as were his team of nurses who attended me. Sarah (nurse) totally put my mind at ease, also Claire Herbert visited me on the ward the day i came back to hospital with the infection. I know that this aftercare would not be possible with the NHS route due to staff shortages. Mr Fenn is so fortunate to have a fabulous team supporting him, I believe the team have contributed in helping Mr Fenn being a successful surgeon.

 I have been very happy with the outcome of my surgery and know Mr Fenn was the perfect surgeon to have chosen. Hew did not at any time present as some private surgeons, he was truly a lovely gentleman to whom I am very grateful, he is an asset to the Spire Hospital and you should be proud to have him part of your hospital. 

Should I later require any further surgery, I have no hesitation to come back to see Mr Fenn, he is excellent with his interpersonal skills, especially when dealing with people who are possibly a little anxious about surgery"

by Mrs Bhamra 15/07/16 (Female - Bilateral Breast Reduction)



" I felt extremely nervous on my first visit with Mr Fenn, but he and his nurses were wonderful. All my questions were answered and my anxieties put to rest. I have been looked after from the very start and I am absolutely over the moon with the results, Thank you. "

by A happy patient 14/03/16 (Female - Bilateral Breast Augmentation)

" From initial contact to the aftercare follow-up I was treated with respect. Everything was explained fully with regard to the procedure, what my expectations were and how they would be best met. I have never been disappointed on any procedures Mr Fenn has performed. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery "

by Mrs Wright 16/04/15 (Female - Reverse Abdominoplasty)

" I had several consultations with Mr Fenn before I went ahead to have my eyes done. He took me through step by step of what he would be doing, i never felt pressured at all, the staff were very good and the after care was brilliant. So glad I went ahead and had the procedure done! "

by Mrs Humphrey - surgery 02/04/2013 (Female - Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty)

" From consultation to my follow-up appointments, the care and kindness from all staff was extremely professional and I would not hesitate to return under the care of Mr. Fenn should I want further surgery. I am totally happy with my end result of my breast augmentation - afterwards it is good to know that I can return should I have any problems and that is so important as the aftercare is 2nd to none! "

by A happy patient 28/10/15 (Female - Bilateral Breast Augmentation)

" I am very happy with my operation and would definitely recommend Mr Fenn and the Nuffield Leeds Hospital. If i wish to have any more private surgery I would definitely use Mr Fenn "

by A happy patient 13/10/15 (Female - Bilateral Breast Augmentation)

" Following two children my breasts has lost any volume they has and as they were already small this made them look empty and flat. At the age of 35 this was not what I wanted. Since the breast augmentation I now feel I have the perfect shape and volume to my breasts. I am much more confident in my appearance. 

What I particularly liked about Mr Fenn's approach was that he was honest with me about what would look good, or not so good on my size and frame. My aim was not to walk out with enormous breasts that clearly did not look natural or suit my body. 

I think my breasts look very natural and are perfectly sized for my body. Nobody would know that I have had a breast augmentation and this gives me even more confidence. 

The care and follow-up appointments have been thorough and provided me with the relevant information. I can not fault the service provided by Mr Fenn and his team and would highly recommend to anyone considering this type of surgery. 

Thank you for all you have done for me, I couldn't be happier! "


by Ms Richardson 06/07/2015 (Bilateral Breast Augmentation)



"  I would highly recommend Mr Fenn"

by A happy patient 18/04/15 (Female - Bilateral Upper Lid Blepharoplasty)


" All my op's have been positive ones, From start to finish I felt looked after, was treated with care and dignity. Post op care was excellent, not once did i feel neglected or judged. A Minor complication was dealt with promptly and successfully. I wholly recommend Mr Fenn"

by A happy patient 19.04.2015 (Female - Abdominoplasty + Mastopexy with  breast implants + Brachioplasty + Thigh Lift )


" I had several consultations with Mr Fenn before I went ahead to have my eyes done, he took me through step by step of what he would be doing. I never felt pressured at all, the staff were very good and the aftercare was brilliant. So glad i went ahead and had the procedure done!"

by Mrs Humphrey 2015 (Blepharoplasty)


" From initial contact to the aftercare follow up, I was treated with respect. Everything was explained fully with regard to the procedure, what my expectations were and how they would be best met. I have never been disappointed on any of my procedures Mr Fenn has performed. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery."


by Mrs Wright 16.04.2015 (Bilateral Brachioplasty + Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty + Abdominoplasty + Reverse Abdominoplasty + Liposuction + Thigh Lift)


" Since my early thirties I have had bags under my eyes and over the past few years these became more pronounced. As I got older my upper lids had also become larger, resulting in a double lid and so in my early fifties I constantly looked tired. 

Surgery Was an option that I had been considering for a while and I did a lot of research online, looking for surgeons who were BAAPs registered and with a good track record. Mr Fenn was one of the two possible surgeons in the North of England that I considered. The initially consultation was excellent. Mr Fenn was thorough in his assessment of my needs and was clear about what he felt could be achieved, how and the recovery and surgical risks. It really helped to understand how my eyes had aged as it put the surgical work into context. Of course, I then considered the other surgeon and, although he also had and excellent reputation, I felt Mr Fenn's approach and consulting style worked best for me. It was a family decision to have the surgery and Mr Fenn was happy to involve them throughout. 

The administration and pre-operative assessments were very well managed. I had plenty of information and nursing staff to talk to at all times. The operation itself was really straight forward and I has plenty of time to talk both pre and post op to Mr Fenn and the anaesthetist. 

Post operative care was very good and I was in no doubt that there would be someone to talk to after I was discharged, should it have become necessary. The reality was that I felt no significant pain and amazingly little discomfort, the stitches came out after a week and I saw Mr Fenn for a follow up after two weeks and then a further six weeks later. The results are excellent - within two weeks my eyes looked a little red, but not so much as to draw comment. Two months on they just look normal - but a lot more open! I have just renewed a 10year passport and my new photo looks better than the one it is replacing. Overall, a really worthwhile operation from an excellent team. "


by A happy patient 03 02 15 (male - bilateral bilateral upper and lower lid blepharoplasty)  


" AMAZING! Apart from the anaesthetic of the operation, it has made such a difference to my field of vision. I see the world now on 'Full Beam' rather than 'Dipped Headlights!' "

by Mr Bradshaw 26/01/15 (bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty)


"No more painful shoulders, neck strain, bad posture, self-consciousness.....No more heavy, unsightly, over-sized breasts...I am so pleased with the result of this procedure! I love my new, much smaller, perkier and better proportioned bosom and the scarring is minimal, discreet and fading fast. 

As for my surgeon, my GP recommended him to me and I am very glad he did for in Mr Fenn not only I found an excellent surgeon but also someone who listened, who did his best to meet my wishes and who was not satisfied until I was.
All in all a very positive experience, a life-changing decision I should have made years earlier - indeed, not having done this sooner is my only regret"

by Mrs Natasha R-B 31/03/14 (bilateral breast reduction)   

"From the secretarial staff through to Mr Fenn himself the level of customer service was the highest quality. Mr Fenn understood exactly what look I was going for, and made that the priority. In the aftercare consultation he made sure I had received the look I was hoping for. Everything was explained thoroughly and I was well looked after by all the staff. I am exceptionally happy with my new look!"

by A happy patient 15/03/14 (female - bilateral breast augmentation)  

"My experience at Nuffield York was very good. Mr. Fenn  is calm, reassuring and very professional. All the staff were helpful and pleasant. As a nervous patient I was surprised how easy it all was, with plenty of pain control. The healing initially was quick (2 weeks) but numbness around the eyes has perished (3months so far). I am reassured this should wear off. I would definitely recommend the procedure to anyone needing it. The difference is amazing - no more skin coming over the eyes and less wrinkle lines all round. Thank you Mr Fenn"

by Mrs M. Smith 14/01/14 (Upper blepharoplasty)

"Having breast fed x2 children for almost 2years was left with very little breast tissue. I was very nervous about all aspects of surgery, from the anaesthetic, procedure and recovery. I needn't have worried as the procedure was far less invasive and painful than I had anticipated. Mr Fenn has made me aware of all the potential complications and thankfully I've not had any experience of these. I never expected by breasts to look and feel as normal and wellshaped as they do now and I am delighted with the result. No regrets at all! "

by Mrs Harris 15/11/13 (Bilateral breast augmentation)





 "From our first meeting, everything was explained to me in layman’s terms. The treatment, aftercare and hospital were all First Class! I understood he procedure from start to finish"

by A happy patient' 02/11/13 (male - Bilateral gynaecomastia reduction)


 ”Excellent care from start to finish"

by Mr Wainwright 02/11/13 (Bilateral four lid blepharoplasty)


"Very Professional, Friendly Staff, Approachable, Good Information Provided and a High Level of Care"

by 'A happy patient' 20/08/13 (female - Pinnaplasty)


"After having breast implants previously put in elsewhere I came to see Mr Fenn to have my old round implants taken out, as I wanted a more natural look with a cleavage. My old implants were wide apart with a stuck on look!! Mr Fenn gave me a tear shaped (anatomical) implant that he placed closer together to give an eye catching cleavage that I get a lot of compliments about, from both sexes!! 

They look amazing in the right bra, not that I need a pad or push up bra, but when I do I feel a very sexy, curvy lady!! 
I have been a patient of Mr Fenn's for many years! Thank you Mr Fenn" 

by 'A happy patient' 11/04/13 (female - bilateral breast augmentation)


" Since