The cost of cosmetic surgery is one of the factors that will influence one’s decision to go ahead with the surgery. There is variation in costs depending on the hospital, surgeon, and nature of procedure. However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered besides purely cost. It is important to be happy and comfortable with the proposed surgery, care, and support provided.

The cost of a cosmetic procedure consists of a First Consultation Fee, for the consultation with the consultant surgeon, and an Operation Fee which is an all-inclusive amount for the operation, hospital care and follow-up.

First Consultation

Fee: £150 (October 2023)

This includes a full consultation that includes a discussion of the problem and an examination. The options available will then be reviewed.  The nature of the potential surgery will be discussed, as will its limitations and complications. In this consultation the surgical plan will be drawn up. Following the consultation a formal quote is developed, in consultation with your hospital of choice, to form an all-in-one inclusive care package. This written quote is provided, and remains valid for 3 months. In many cases there is a standardised price, often indicated by the hospital on initial enquiry, but a formal price can only be offered following consultation with the consultant actually doing the operation. The price can therefore vary depending on the nature and complexity, as well as combination of procedures required.

A bill for the consultation is sent either via email or in the post from MedservUK.

You may be asked to swipe your debit/credit card at the hospital reception on arrival; this is for hospital tests/charges only.  Your consultation fee will NOT be taken from this card.

Your consultation fee is only payable directly to the surgeon via MedservUK. The hospitals take details of payment to cover any additional costs generated at the hospital, but they will not take payment for anything without informing you first. For a cosmetic consultation this is rarely required.

Second/Third Consultation

This is considered part of the first consultation, and no charge is made. A second or even further consultation is encouraged to ensure you are fully informed, understand what is planned, and comfortable with proceeding.

Follow up Consultations

Consultations following surgery are part of the inclusive care package, and not charged. The follow-up period includes the dressing clinic reviews, as well as further appointments to monitor the outcome and effects of surgery. Thereafter, you are welcome to return for review and discussion at any time.

Free Consultations

A free mini-consultation is offered on an individual basis and at the descretion of the consultant and/or secretary. This is a 10 minute consultation that involves talking about the problem, and discussing the potential options available. No examination is performed.

This is useful to explore suitability for cosmetic surgery; get a sense of what might be required; as well as meet the surgeon and view the hospital. Thereafter, a first consultation would still be required, to properly assess the problem and plan the surgery.

Prices for Surgery/Treatment

Following the First Consultation, a quote for the surgery is provided. This includes:

  • Operation/Treatment – a single payment covers the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetic fees.
  • Further care or surgery – if clinically required, up until fully healed. This covers the costs of potential complications that might arise after surgery. This can also include revision surgery, if appropriate.
  • Hospital stay – with accommodation in a single en-suite room, meals, refreshments – and even a newspaper if requested.
  • Pre-assessment – a review and tests, if required, to prepare for surgery.
  • Cosmetic Nurse Care – an experienced dedicated Cosmetic Nurse Team is involved in your care from first consultation to final discharge.
  • Dressing care and support
  • Follow up and review by your surgeon


The Payment for the surgery is required to be made prior to the surgery, and is paid directly to the Hospital. If using a credit/debit card, payment can be made at the front reception desk on admission. If paying by cheque, payment must be made at least 7 days before admission date. If you have any queries regarding this please contact the Customer Service Officers at the hospital, and they will be happy to advise you.

Finance options are available, and organised with your hospital.

For Spire Hospital please contact  - 0113 2185967 >  

For Nuffield Hospitals please contact - 0113 3227251


Inclusive Care Cosmetic Surgery Prices

The prices will vary from hospital to hospital, and are an indication of the expected price. A formal written quote will be offered following the First Consultation.

Below are some guide prices of Cosmetic Inclusive Care Packages (edited March 2023):

Breast Augmentation  (Round or Anatomical Implants included)

from £5788

Breast Implant Exchange (bilateral) with capsulectomy 

from £8535

Mastopexy (breast uplift)

from £7079

Breast Reduction

from £8120

Abdominoplasty - Standard

from £8069

Liposuction - Intermediate (covers about one large area or two small areas)

from £4821

Blepharoplasty – Upper and lower eyelids (general anaesthetic/overnight stay)

from £5690


from £6682

Pinnaplasty (ear setback)

from £3389 (under local anaesthetic)

Gynaecomastia (Male Breast) reduction

from £4630